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Bo Gets Cut! (1976)
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Just in time for the ice death storm of ‘14, here’s what the doctor ordered.  How about a look at a shirtless General Bo out for a run in the summer of 1976, as featured in the Sunday Magazine?Bo is cut! Thanks to the keen eye of Dr. Sap for spotting that on eBay, up for bid right now.   I assume this was a product of the Detroit News.
Bo’s in tip-top shape after having open heart surgery in late spring of ‘76.   Here’s Schembechler sitting down with Bob Ufer (also thanks to Sap) not long after that Magazine cover was released, just prior to the opener against Wisconsin.   Bo talks about his surgery, his level of fitness and a little bit about the 1976 season as his Wolverines were ranked #1 heading into the campaign:
Go Bo!
P.S. I love Bo’s adidas kicks — not unlike the lucky McNasty’s I wore to the BWW Bowl?
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