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  • There’s a new language being spoken at Brookfield High School. It includes words like Sideout, Base, Kill, Ace, Tool, Dive, Roof, and Rotate. In addition it uses a new numerical system that includes 1, 3, 4, 5, 4-2, and 5-1. What is it? It’s the language you’ll find on a Volleyball court. In May 2014 th...
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  • There’s a new language being spoken at Brookfield High School.  It includes words like Sideout, Base, Kill, Ace, Tool, Dive, Roof, and Rotate.  In addition it uses a new numerical system that includes 1, 3, 4, 5, 4-2,  and 5-1. What is it?  It’s the language you’ll find on a Volleyball court.  In May 2014 the Brookfield R-3 School District voted to adopt Volleyball and Cross Country for the Lady Bulldogs of BHS.  During the 2014 summer, 20 Lady Bulldogs have been charting the new course for the program.  They have attended open gyms, practices, and skills camp.  This past week the Lady Bulldogs traveled to Osage Beach, and participated in a 27-school team camp.  
    Arriving to the playing site the first day the squad was a bundle of nervous energy, excitement, and fear. Everybody was glad to finally be to the six-on-six competitive level, but all knew it would be a day of lessons.  BHS had two teams in camp and both knew they were making history.  The first day, as expected, was full of lessons, frustration, and multiple mistakes.  It takes a lot of courage to step into a situation when you know the outcome is going to be much less than everyone else present.  The Lady Bulldogs conducted themselves with nothing but class and positive character.  
    Little by little word spread around the camp that the BHS Lady Bulldogs were a brand new program. As the players began to pick up new skills and a better understanding of the game, they were rewarded with cheers and applause from the crowd.  One by one the players started to figure out little pieces of the big game picture.  By the Lady Bulldogs last matches of the tournament, nearly all players were getting serves over the net.  There were defensive digs and saves.  On multiple occasions the teams had positive serve receives and were able to run an attack. Lady Dogs were diving to the floor and doing all they could to keep the ball in play.  At one point the Lady Dogs formed a solid block at the net and “roofed” the hitter. We put the ball right back in their court.  The whole gym was up and cheering!  It was awesome!!  
    Up and down the Lady Bulldog bench you could see and feel the excitement of the game beginning to take hold!  You know you’re on to something great when you walk off the court wanting another play.  We left Brookfield High School as a lot of individuals, we came back to Brookfield High School as the 2014 BHS Volleyball team!  Leading the way for the Volleydogs this year will be Amy Dixon – Head Coach; Morgan Dickson – Assistant Coach; Beth Black – Volunteer Coach; and Vicki Enyart – Volunteer Coach/Mentor.
    Page 2 of 2 - Practice for the 2014 season begins on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. at the BHS gym.  Any BHS female wishing to play this year needs to be at that practice.  All athletes must have their completed physicals either in hand or turned in prior to the first practice.  Make sure all information and signatures are complete.
    The Volleydogs open their historic year on Thursday, August 28th against the only other Clarence Cannon Conference Volleyball team, the Volleyball tough Centralia Panthers.  Competitive Volleyball game nights begin with Freshmen playing, followed by Junior Varsity, and then Varsity.  Matches are the best two out of three games.  Games are played to 25 points.  A team must win by two.  Rally Scoring is used in Volleyball.  That means every time the ball hits the floor or the referee stops play, a point is awarded to whomever will get the ball next.  Major Volleyball changes include the following: Net serves are now legal.  The serve can hit the net tape, come over the net and it is legal.  A blocker at the net may block/touch the ball and it does NOT count as one of the three hits a team can use to get the ball back over the net.  Players may step on and over the centerline, as long as part of their foot is still touching the centerline.   Servers may now serve from anywhere behind the back service line.  Many high school players in today’s game are using the jump serve.  This means the server tosses the ball up high and forward and then they jump up and hit the serve.  As long as they take off behind the line, they may strike the ball and land inside the court.  It’s going to be an amazing season, come and be a part of BHS history!

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