EDITORíS NOTE: This article appears in Salute to Nurses 2017. Find the full magazine at http://gatehouse.morecontentnow.com/news/20170320/salute-to-nurses-2017-its-your-time.

Handy gadgets can make a nurseís work easier. Check out these favorites youíll be glad to have when making rounds:
3M Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope
If youíre looking to upgrade from an age-old classic, an electronic stethoscope offers plenty of tech-savvy features including amplification, audio output and noise reduction, while retaining the design and function of a traditional stethoscope. Easy-to-read backlit LCD display includes frequency selection, sound level, remaining battery life and patientís heart rate. Lightweight and comfortable to use.
Badge Blooms Retractable Badge Holder
A retractable badge holder will get you quickly past locked doors and time clocks. Just because itís dependable, though, doesnít mean it has to be boring. Show off your ID and your style with an eye-catching badge holder from Badge Blooms, a company owned by a nurse-turned-entrepreneur. A portion of proceeds go to support the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation.

PhysiciansCare by First Aid 7-inch Bandage Shears
You can pay much more, but these scissors with titanium-bonded blades will effortlessly cut gauze, tape, clothing and bandages and resist the stickiness of tape and glue. Sharp, lightweight and easy to use.

Escolite Medical LED Penlight with Stylus
Compact and lightweight, the Escolite LED Penlight with Stylus shines warm, white light to check a patientís pupil and is a helpful tool to check on sleeping patients in the night. Itís not just a penlight; itís a stylus that can be used on any screen. Thereís a handy a clip and a pupil reference guide on the side.