Three students represented Marceline at a recent MSBA event.

The Missouri School Board Association held Student Day in Jefferson City this week. Attending this event at the local level were a trio of sophomores from Marceline High School: Kailey Stallo, Michael Eakins, and Logan Swanson.
“Our presentation was about our one-to-one technology,” said Swanson. “It as about how we use our Chromebooks, and also discussed how some elementary students use iPads.”
Eakins noted that the group had four or five presentations to make, and even ran into some folks with local connections.
“We had a few people with Marceline connections, as well as Mr. Hauser, come to see us,” said Eakins. “We had one lady that just reacted with 'wow' to everything we presented. She was impressed with the ease of the integration of the Chromebooks, and that some students even do our own repairs.”
“We want people to understand the different way that each student uses their Chromebooks,” said Stallo. “We talked about the websites that we use, as well as how Google Classroom works.”
The trio noted that there was a lot of interest, in general, from the different district that stopped by to hear from them.
“Lots of people were very interested in what we were doing, and asked a lot of questions,” said Swanson. “A lot of people wondered if the program would fit, and several administrators asked us our opinions on if they should take the program on, or expand an existing one.”
“It was a pretty cool experience, being chosen to represent the school,” said Stallo. “It was good to show off what we do with this technology, and seeing the reactions of the people.”
The sophomores also noted the impact that the Chromebook technology has had on their educational experience at MHS.
“It has streamlined the accessibility for students,” said Eakins. “Assignments are readily available, and you can see what you've missed. You can email a teacher after school, and get clarification in case you missed something that day.”
“The biggest impact for me is a reduction of clutter,” said Swanson. “I don't have to carry around as many papers, and that's a big thing.”
“If you're sick, or miss a day for an activity, you just check [Google] Classroom, and get your homework,” concluded Stallo. “That way you don't miss any assignments. You could lose worksheets before, now they are all saved in the cloud.”