Hear from this pageant winner after a big win.

Katelyn Cupp is preparing for her 16th birthday. In sitting down with the energetic young lady, it is hard to tell what she is more excited about; driving, or international pageant competition. Cupp won the IJM Missouri Junior Teen crown on March 12 in Madison, Illinois. This win will allow her to compete this summer in Nashville, Tennessee in her first international competition.
“I'm really excited for Internationals, as that is one of the biggest pageants out there,” said Cupp. “I get to compete with girls from all over the world. I get to experience their cultures, and learn what their pageants are like. I'm excited to walk on an international stage.”
This was Cupp’s fifth pageant win, but her largest to date. She noted that this was her first pageant in a new system, the IJM system, and that the experience was a good one for her.
“After I won my National title for Princess of America, I have been trying different systems,” said Cupp. “I loved the Princess system so much, and it was hard to find one like it. But going into this weekend, I told my Mom that it just felt right. It was a great environment overall.”
This pageant was a longer one than normal for this veteran crown-bearer, stretching from Friday through Sunday in the Chicago suburbs.
“There was an interview early on Saturday, and I was the first one to be interviewed,” said Cupp. “That afternoon we had fun fashion, evening gown, and the optional category of completions. I dressed in casual wear for the optional category. Each of the fun fashion, evening gown, and interview segments were scored equally to determine who won the crown.”
Now she moves on with her crown to the international pageant at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee on July 3-8.