The Mexico School District held a town hall meet Monday night to discuss the upcoming Tax Levy which is on the April 4 ballot.

Superintendent of Schools Kevin Freeman addressed the small group attending.

Freeman stressed to those attending that the construction at the schools is from the bond issue passed last April. He said residents have asked by a tax levy increase is needed after passing the bond issue. "A bond issue is for building construction and a tax levy is for operating costs," said Freeman.

Tax money goes toward student instructional supplies, technology, student programs (including athletics), teacher salaries and benefits, and general operating expenses. "Bond money cannot be used for operating costs," said Freeman.

The breakdown on how much the tax levy will cost residents is as listed: the proposed 61 cent levy increase will cost the owner of an average ($82,500) Mexico home $96 per year, or $8 per month or $1.85 per week.

Also pointed out at the meeting was that the district will implement $350,000 in cuts in addition to the tax levy increase.