See the latest from the local airport.

The North Central Missouri Regional Airport will have a new addition coming soon, with the NCRMA Board holding a groundbreaking on the community hangar prior to this week’s meeting.

The groundbreaking was held, and saw several local officials come out to take part in the ceremony. The community hangar’s progress will be updated as it is completed.
Under reports from officers, NCRMA Board President Marty Cupp reported that beacon lights are needed on the mowers for both the City of Brookfield and the City of Marceline.
Cupp is worried about a plane hitting a mower. He then offered to run a training course for the employees about how to mow around the runways. NCRMA Manager Ted Stockwell reported that he has trained the mowers to stay off of the runway and concrete around it.
Cupp responded by noting that he has had to circle the airport on a few occasions to avoid the mowers in the past. Stockwell then showed a beacon that they use on their vehicles around the airport.
Cupp suggested that mowers need to know what runways are active, and what the traffic patterns are at the NCRMA. The consensus of the board was that the lights would benefit both towns by marking mowers for use at both the NCRMA, and in town. Both city managers agreed to work on getting the beacon lights together.