Franklin Smith PTA

seeks vendors for

Craft & Vendor Fair

The Franklin Smith Elementary School PTA will hold its annual Spring Craft & Vendor Fair April 29 in the Franklin Smith Elementary gymnasium.

The fair, which features crafts, artisans and local businesses, will run 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 29.

Booth space is available for $35 for a 6-by-8-foot space and two chairs. Tables can also be provided for a $5 fee. Set-up starts at 7 a.m. April 29.

For more information or to obtain a registration form, contact Mandie Scott at 816-935-1040 or mandiescott@live.com, or Robyn Weber at 816-352-9574 or r_web23@hotmail.com .


Local exchange

student program

seeks host families

The local ERDT (Educational Resource Development Trust)-SHARE office is seeking families to serve as hosts to international exchange students.

Families can serve as a host for a semester (five months) or academic year (10 months). Hosts can be two-parent families (with or without children), single parents or adults or retired couples.

For more information, contact Tami Rellihan-Henrich at 816-213-6581 or trellihan@yahoo.com or contact the SHARE! Central States Office at 1-800-715-3738 or visit www.sharecentral.org.


Lee’s Summit North’s

Meisenheimer named

Principal of the Year

Jeff Meisenheimer, Lee’s Summit North High School principal, was named Principal of the Year by the Greater Kansas City Missouri Principals Association. He learned of the award during a surprise announcement at LSNHS on April 7. Dr. Meisenheimer will be officially honored at the organization’s awards banquet, scheduled for April 27.

As the Greater Kansas City honoree, Meisenheimer will go on to compete in the Missouri Principal of the Year program.

Tim Collins, Lee’s Summit North assistant principal, nominated Dr. Meisenheimer for the award. “We have three new assistant principals this year and he coaches and supports them unconditionally,” Collins said. “The staff responds well to his leadership style and he is constantly pushing them to improve as educators.”

Meisenheimer has served as principal at Lee’s Summit North for four years. He previously served as assistant principal at Lee’s Summit High School and Ruskin High School. In 2010, he was named the Assistant Principal of the Year by the Greater Kansas City Missouri Principals Association and by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals.

A Lee’s Summit resident, Meisenheimer earned his bachelor’s degree in business education from the University of Missouri; his master’s degree in educational administration and his specialist degree in educational administration, both from the University of Missouri-Kansas City; and his executive doctor of education from Saint Louis University.



Local students earn

academic honors

at Missouri State

Several students from Eastern Jackson County have been named to the dean’s list for the 2016 fall semester at Missouri State University in Springfield.

For undergraduate students, criteria include enrollment in at least 12 credit hours during the fall semester and at least a 3.50 grade point average (on a 4.00 scale).

Local students making the dean’s list include:

Blue Springs

• Makenzie Anderson

• Matthew Barris

• Whitney N. Butrum

• Joshua D. Fellers

• Kyle P. Finter

• Erin M. Griesbauer

• Colton M. Higgins

• Desirae A. Hinds

• Danielle M. Isom

• Sabrina D. Mertell

• Ramona J. Perkins

• Ryan S. Poertner

• Collin M. Portz

• Keely S. Richter

• Sydney M. Sharkey

• Brooke N. Shipman

• Parker S. Spaw

• Sabrina Stickney

• Madison R. Stites

• Nathaniel S. Stokes

• Emily E. Tipton

• Sarah E. Tucker

• Lauren M. VanNess

• Marissa F. White


• Bryce D. Palmer

Grain Valley

• Kaylyn J. Gasser

• Travis O. Holt

• Morgan L. Kilburn

• Lauren A. Martinez

• Christopher R. Minx

• Rachel C. Reddell

• Brittany M. Workman


• Jessica R. Armstrong

• Heather D. Bartlett

• Julie A. Baumann

• Carly A. Beck

• Samuel M. Bumgardner

• Kayla R. Burns

• Sean M. Carlson

• Rebecca E. Crow

• Brandy L. Dinwiddie

• Abdillahi A. Dirie

• Daniel J. Fedynich

• Bailee R. Finn

• Taryn J. Griffin

• Summer E. Harvey

• Shayla M. Jarman

• Asia A. Key

• Kyana J. Mason

• Rene N. McKiddie

• Corbett W. McKinney

• Abigail E. Morrow

• Cristina P. Munoz

• Jimenez Arianny R. Pujols-Mancilla

• Amy Ramirez

• Ashley E. Raveill

• Midori J. Saito

• Caitlin C. Sifuentes

• Edward C. Sun

• Eric J. Swanson

• Austin T. Temple

• Ashli J. Williams

• Keegan B. Wilson

Lake Lotawana

• Alexandria M. Krause

• Joseph J. Peters

• Katlyn O. Pfefferkorn

Lee’s Summit

• Morgan D. Ball

• Jack R. Barnhart

• Justin D. Bechtel

• Brady S. Benefiel

• Sarah J. Bernal

• James B. Bertken

• Luke A. Bowers

• Madeline R. Brady

• Tyus L. Brisco

• Kara E. Brown

• Katie Brown

• Seth D. Brown

• Madeline C. Burkett

• Matthew J. Cadwell

• Mariah R. Cofield

• Cara L. Colwell

• Chadwick Cornish

• Leah C. Coughennower

• Derek S. Cox

• Cassidy J. Dill

• Logan D. Drake

• Jacob K. Earley

• Nicholas R. Eckart

• Taylor N. Egerstrom

• Brianna R. Engler

• Elizabeth M. Erich

• Joslyn P. Fergerson

• Darian B. Frost

• Megan N. Garcia

• Lauren T. Gaunt

• Ryan M. Gilliam

• Trevor S. Glauz

• Matthew C. Glaze

• Emma L. Gray

• Aubree S. Groff

• Jordan M. Gulick-Smith

• Brian D. Hamm

• Courtney L. Hammonds

• Jacob D. Handley

• Ryan J. Hardy

• Laken E. Heeter

• Jordan A. Heiman

• Jaci A. Herron

• Alicia M. Hess

• Brittany A. Hisey

• Adam W. Howe

• Samantha M. Huber

• Brock D. Hughes

• Kelsey M. Ingram

• Taylor A. Jensen

• Victoria G. Kelley

• Mariah L. Kelly

• Dustin C. Keyhill

• Kayla E. King

• Grant I. Klene

• Daniel S. Klockenga

• Jordan A. Knutson

• Blake A. Kobel

• Breana R. Koch

• Sara A. Kostelnick

• Hailee C. Kramer

• McKenzie A. Kramer

• Taylor R. Kubiak

• Emily J. Lavelle

• Joshua D. Lavelle

• Jacquelyn Z. Lazarz

• Beta S. Lear

• Tiffany N. Lee

• Delaney G. Lindstrom

• Trevor M. Martin

• Britt C. Masters

• Taylor J. McKenzie

• Luke T. Millard

• Jarred R. Miller

• Kari J. Mishler

• Lindsey M. Moore

• Danielle S. Murray

• Brandon L. Neds

• Salvatore A. Nuccio

• Nicholas C. Ogden

• Willow M. Onken

• Sarah L. Paulsrud

• Alisha D. Price

• Raven Price

• Robert S. Prichard

• Allyson B. Ralls

• Kristina L. Reed

• Abbigail S. Richardson

• Clara L. Richardson

• Mary J. Roccaro

• Jaclyn S. Roemer

• Samantha L. Sack

• Courtney L. Sands

• Anna E. Schafer

• Sierra N. Sharp

• Arlene M. Sleyster

• Kailyn N. Smith

• Joseph C. Snodgrass

• Selah E. Snowden

• Heather M. Snyder

• Dustin W. Spalding

• Elizabeth A. Standridge

• Andrew J. Staudinger

• Meghan E. Storey

• Elizabeth M. Stratton

• Masie A. Taylor

• Leah N. Thompson

• Emily J. Tierney

• Logan K. Triplett

• Sierra M. Verni

• Kelly Voigt

• Patricia J. Wankum

• Casey E. Williamson

• Haley A. Wolff

• Rachel M. Yaros 

Oak Grove

• Brooke N. Barker

• Sarah M. Domsch

• Hannah R. Eades

• Kaitlyn S. Grace

• Skyler M. Hulse

• Chelsea N. Jackson

• Gary T. Nichols

• Morgan R. O'Dell

• Jillian K. Schnieders

• Megan K. Todd

• John L. Viebrock


• Kori A. Cheatham

• Mitchell C. Powell III

• Jesse E. Walker-McGraw

Sugar Creek

• Mikayla J. Dickerson

• Kailee R. Manley

• Michele K. McKeever


Local students

earn degrees from

Missouri State

Several students from Eastern Jackson County earned their degrees from Missouri State University in Springfield following the fall 2016 semester.

Missouri State conferred 1,476 degrees to students at its 2016 fall commencement on Dec. 16 at JQH Arena.

A total of 1,075 bachelor’s degrees, 400 master’s degrees and one specialist degree were conferred.

Beyond the standard expectations, 37 students were recognized for their work with a more rigorous curriculum in Missouri State’s Honors College. Scholastic honors were given to 31 students who graduated summa cum laude (with grade point averages of 3.9-4.0 on a 4.0 scale), 54 who graduated magna cum laude (with GPAs of 3.75-3.89) and 135 who graduated cum laude (with GPAs of 3.5-3.74).

Local students earning their degrees included:

Blue Springs

• Whitney Butrum: BSED

• Alyssa Hicks: BS

• Desirae Hinds: BS

• Nicole Rodriguez: BS

• Amanda Stroud: BS

• Robert Supplee: MA

Grain Valley

• Travis Holt: BFA


• Cody Fann: MS

• Shayla Jarman: BS

• Wesley Miller: BS

• Ashley Smith: BSN

• Austin Temple: BS 

Lake Lotawana

• Jessica Long: BS

• Joseph Peters: BS

Lee’s Summit

• Chadwick Cornish: BS

• Cody Fearon: BS

• Jared Ginter: BS

• Jenna Goodall: BS

• Brody Green: BS

• Mark Grimes: BA

• Brian Hamm: BSED, Cum Laude

• Spencer Martin: BS, Magna Cum Laude in the Honors College

• Taylor McKenzie: BS

• Cassandra McWhirt: BS

• David Michaelis: BS

• Sean Miller: BS

• Kristina Reed: BS, Magna Cum Laude

• Megan Silleck: BS

• Elizabeth Standridge: BME

• Angela Steinhauser: BS

• Darren Wallace: BS

Oak Grove

• Sarah Domsch: BA, Cum Laude in the Honors College

• Kaitlyn Grace: BSED

Sugar Creek

• Michele McKeever: BS, Cum Laude


Area students earn

academic honors

at Truman State

Several local students earned academic honors for the fall 2016 semester at Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo.

Several were named to the President’s List, for students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Some were named to the Vice President for Academic Affairs’ List, which features students with a grade point average between 3.50-3.99.

To qualify for either list, a student must be an undergraduate and complete at least 12 hours of credit during the semester. 

Local students named to those lists include:

President’s List

Blue Springs

• Alyssa Aubuchon

• Rebekka Brown

• Dakota Henning

• Matthew Judd

• Lindsey Lafal

• Kailey Mick

• Jordan Noland

• Shelby Rothmier

• Kaveri Sharma


• Tyler Francis

• Rita Hanch

• Dakota Kiper

Lee’s Summit

• Kyle Angle

• Leah Bell

• Yu-Shiuan Hsu

• Freda Idun

• Christian Kuhlman

• Alexandra Lawson

• James Lynn

• Danielle Rock

• Greta Roettgen

• Gregory Sheets

• Caley Smith

• Elizabeth Wilson

Oak Grove

• Samantha Trimmer


• Samantha Carroll

• Micah Palmer

Sugar Creek

• Madison Dobberstine

Vice President for Academic Affairs’ List

Blue Springs

• Angela Anderson

• Ashton Austin

• Alexander Banks

• Travis Belknap

• Brianna Caravella

• Rachel Graef

• Anson Long-Seabra

• Morgan McMahan

• Mallory Meyer

• William Piedimonte

• Chad Stohlmann

• Leah Stone

• Julia Swank

• Kelly Vallal

• Sabrina Wiser

Grain Valley

• Phillip Stallings


• Margaret Beem

• Stephanie Best

• John Crow

• Madison Jones

• Berenice Marrufo

• Sydney Moxley

• Karlynn Naylor

• Randy Soto

• Nicholas Wagner

Lee’s Summit

• Samantha Barnhart

• Haley Bruns

• Brianna Cermak

• Colby Cook

• Jesse Dinkins

• Alex Frogge

• Kaitlyn Heman

• Emily Kershner

• Nicole Kneib

• Lucy Morgan

• Grace Pepple

• Paul Province

• Jessica Rhoades

• Lauren Roberts

• Sarah Welsh

• Emily White

• Parker Willis

Oak Grove

• Nicolas Arnone


• Cody True

EJC students

earn degrees from

Truman State

Several students from Eastern Jackson County earned their degrees from Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo., following the fall 2016 semester.

Local students who earned their degrees include:

Blue Springs

• Alexander Jordan Banks

Lee’s Summit

• Leah Dieker

• Kasia Karolea Hood (Magna Cum Laude)

• Gretchen Claire Kucera

• Alison Patterson (Magna Cum Laude)

Oak Grove

• Chase Wrisinger


Independence student

earns degree from

Central Methodist

Christopher Benscoter, from Independence, is one of 286 individuals who graduated from Central Methodist University in December of 2016.

Graduates included students from CMU's main campus in Fayette, Mo., extended locations, and online programs.

Benscoter earned a bachelor of science in computer science degree through CMU's Online Program.

– Compiled by Karl Zinke