Hear from the latest MHS cheerleader to head to Mizzou.

Cheerleading seems to be in the very fibres that make up Kassidy Cupp of Marceline. Cupp has been in cheerleading or gymnastics for nearly all of her life, and will get to live her dream as a cheerleader at the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

“It was a dream come true, and it really hasn’t set in,” said Cupp. “It probably won’t set in until it’s game day at Faurot Field.”
For Cupp, she just wanted to remain a cheerleader. On the competitive cheer floor, Cupp had been to the proverbial mountain top, winning state titles with the local Tiger Cheerleaders.
“I’m just excited that I don’t have to say goodbye to cheerleading, I wasn’t ready for that,” said Cupp. “I’ve been cheering since sixth grade, and have been in gymnastics since I was three. I wasn’t ready to turn in the athlete card just yet.”
Cupp’s audition took place over four days at MU, with prospective cheerleaders undergoing q rigorous process to earn their way onto the squad.
“On the first night, we learned the dance and the cheer,” said Cupp. “The second day was tumbling, and you had to do your tumbling and jumps. Day three was stunting. You had to form stunt groups. The last day was performing the cheer and dance.”
Cupp auditioned as both a flyer and a base, and didn’t mind the idea of strangers having to catch her on her descent from the sky.
“I wasn’t too worried about flying with strangers,” said Cupp. “I knew the returning squad members were strong bases, and I figured that anyone who was there to tryout was meant to be there.
Cupp, who just ended a year-long run as Missouri FCCLA State President, is renown for her work ethic. This solid ethic was showcased for the coaches at Mizzou.
“I wanted to be one of the first ones there, and the last ones to leave every day,” said Cupp. “I wanted to be noticed, and to stand out as much as possible. I wanted to be a Mizzou Cheerleader.”
Cupp continued: “I’ve been preparing for over a year for the tryouts. I stayed after school every day and tumbled. I work at the YMCA, and would use their mats to tumble at work. I also had a tumbling class. I would stretch every night at home.”
Kassidy Cupp’s hard work and preparation has indeed paid off in spades...or tiger stripes...