See the latest from the Brookfield City Council.

The Brookfield City Council met in regular session on Tuesday evening, with Councilwoman Martha Beach absent. The council approved the demolition of a slate of houses for this fiscal year.

City Manager Dana Tarpening reported that the city budgets $30,000 each year for the demolition of properties. This amount includes asbestos abatement, as well as demolition and removal.

Two bids were received for these services, from Truitt and Bowen. The low bids per property to be removed were unanimously accepted. Properties to be removed include: 540 Harrison, 316 South Clinton, 401 Elliott, 408 East Canal, 226 East Robard, 410 Elliott, and 114 Macon.

In other council news:

- Lon Luckert, Jim Hart, and Brenda DeVoy were appointed to the Library Board. Butch Mosley was appointed to the Housing Authority Board.

- A block in the Helm Subdivision was rezoned to be used as commercial property.

- A property on Meade Street was forgiven of its late fees, advertising fees, and penalties so that it can be purchased by an adjacent property owner who has been taking care of the lot.

- Councilmen Dr. Paul Barger, Paul Frey, and Mayor Lonnie Trentham discussed some ideas to continue the renovation and beautification of South City Park. Tarpening will pass their suggestions along to the Park Board.