A local nursing home received accolade recently from a national source.  A facility representative there said she is elated at the attention. She also said workers there always do the best they can to make the place top notch for everyone.

“We got the Bronze National Quality Award in 2016, too,” said Tammy Henderson, McLarney Manor facility administrator. “The award isn’t just a ‘gimme me’ either.

“We are so proud of it.”

McLarney Manor received notice from U.S. News and World report that they won Best Nursing Homes recognition for 2017-2018. Kristine Gibson, vice president of Business Development, said she thinks the award is beyond justified.

“This national recognition speaks to the quality of care the staff provides to our residents,” Gibson said. “It is a well-deserved honor and we are proud of the staff for the compassion and dedication to providing such wonderful care!”

Four-year resident and former McLarney Manor Valentine queen, Pearl Olinger said she agrees with the idea her home is getting attention. She said she is happy with the care she receives and is glad for it everyday.

“I’m so happy here,” said Olinger.

McLarney Manor at Brookfield also received a “Top Performing” rating in the U.S. News and World report. It also scores an above average rating in medical care quality, staffing and fire safety.