Two Marceline community leaders celebrated a month of business with an official ribbon cutting on Wednesday, December 13, at Mercantile in Marceline.


Co-owners Michael Olinger and Chris Ankeney have been promoting regional economic expansion for a month with the new business. Mercantile provides a unique opportunity for craftsmen or entrepreneurs to sell their goods through the store.


Olinger, who’s also president of Downtown Marceline, and Ankeney, also secretary of Marceline’s Chamber of Commerce, decided to lead by example with the opening of Mercantile. Both have had successful experiences in the past with operating businesses in Marceline. Ankeney currently owns Magnolia Antiques while Olinger is the proprietor of Circle O Lodge and The Paper Station. All three businesses are located in Marceline as well.


“We’re a pollinator of business, it’s like we’re a bee trying to expand economic development in the region,” said Olinger.


Olinger noted the goal of opening Mercantile is to expand regional business.

With a total of 16 vendors, Mercantile has quickly become a popular opportunity for those seeking to promote their own goods. It’s a positive outcome for both the area as well as the owners.


“We’re extremely excited to be able to be open one month and receive a good response from vendors and the response from the regional community has been outstanding,” Olinger said. “We want to embrace the rural community as well, our business doesn’t end with Marceline.”


The 16 vendors come from five communities from several different counties. Marceline, Glasgow, Salisbury, Keytesville, and Boonville are all represented at Mercantile.


Mercantile is undergoing partial remodeling as well, with a new area soon to become available for vendors.