Marceline City Council incumbents Tyson Brammer and Sallie Buck will hold their seats on the Council.

With five candidates filling out the ballot, Marceline City Council had the most contested race this past Tuesday in the Municipal Election.

Buck and Brammer were both elected for the first time as Council members three years ago. They have both shared a goal to continue doing what they feel is best for the city of Marceline.

During the Linn County Leader election preview, Buck and Brammer stated they both enjoy working with the rest of the Council members. They have both believe the current Council does not always get along, but hear each other out and work together for the good of Marceline.

According to Brammer, he is excited to continue working for the citizens.

“It’s nice Marceline voted me back in, it makes me feel like I did a good job,” Brammer said. “I’ll continue to vote to best serve Marceline.”

For Buck, she wants to let the people of Marceline know she is ready for another three years.

“After the first three-year term, you really do learn a lot about the operations of the city and I definitely feel better prepared this term to make good decisions for continued growth in Marceline,” Buck said.

The other three candidates, John Carver, Mary Gibson and Pamela Engelhard were not totally out of the race. Carver, Gibson and Engelhard each took more than 10 percent of the votes. Carver a near third with 80 votes, after Brammer’s 147. Engelhard received 62 votes and Gibson received 60 votes.