After a devastating pair of defeats for the Bulldogs in the past two weeks against high-caliber foes, Brookfield looks to get back on track this Friday at Burlington's hallowed grounds. The Bulldogs will host Louisiana at 7 p.m. with a forecast that calls for high skies and summer temperatures.

The Bulldogs bolster a 1-3 mark coming into Friday night's competition.

Louisiana enters the game winless with two 60-point losses, including a 60-0 shellacking last week at home at the hands of an unsurprisingly talented Monroe City side.

"They're a spread offense, but they will run a lot of triple-option out of it," Brookfield coach Scott Stevens said. "Defensively, they'll run a 3-3 stack and run a lot of cover 1 and cover 0, so they're going to do everything they can to get pressure on our quarterback in our passing game. I like our matchups, I like our receivers against their corners. We'll try to exploit that early, but that being said we're doing everything we can to establish our run game."

Stevens said that as far as his team's health is concerned, several of his players will need some time in order to get back to 100 percent.

He added that as long as the Bulldogs take care of what they can control, his team's injuries should be immaterial in Friday night's game.

"We've definitely had some key injuries the past couple of weeks from a health standpoint. From a philosophy standpoint, we like where we are but we have to be able to run the football. It's something we've definitely worked on the past few weeks. We've got some young guys, but now that we're four weeks in, we have to know where we are by now. We're looking for a big turnaround this week against Louisiana, and we're excited for the opportunity."