The Marceline Tigers have steamrolled through opponents so far this season, coming into week six with a perfect record and a 228-15 combined scoreboard discrepancy over their first five games.

When they travel to Schuyler County to face a 1-4 Rams team, the common prognosis is for an outcome largely similar to nine of the first 10 halves of football the Tigers have played thus far, sans the first half against Fayette.

Marceline coach Greg Hough believes, however, that Schuyler County has the pieces to compete, and has simply underperformed at the skill positions to this point.

"They've got some big kids, you can see their size on film," Hough said. "They've got a couple athletes with some good speed. It makes you wonder what's happening for them not to be successful, and it's kind of scary in that sense because they just haven't put it together. I'm a worrier, and I just hope they don't put it together against us.
"They're aggressive defensively, they blitz a lot and it seems to leave them vulnerable to the big plays. We'll just control what we can control."

After quarterback Chase Billups set a new school passing record last week against Paris, Hough said that he believed his team added a new dimension to its offense.

He said that gunslinging and spreading the ball around won't disappear from his side's offensive schematics.

"We've got a deep crop, and our kids are good athletes. We feel like if we can get the ball out in space in a one-on-one situation, we'll win a lot of the battle. Every team I've coached is different, and as the season goes on, you try to find things you're better at. It might be more of an added dimension than I thought coming into the season."