Marceline's football team will host a downtrodden Salisbury team with a record inverse its own on Friday night. When winless Salisbury comes to Chester Ray Stadium, however, undefeated Marceline will be prepared to battle and grind as it has done for the initial six weeks of the season.

When they have the ball, the Tigers will face a virtually identical look to what Fayette offered three weeks ago. Salisbury will, almost exclusively, load the box with six men and leave one high safety. Fayette, although an undeniably more talented defense than Salisbury, presented the Marceline offense with issues early in that game by overcompensating for the interior run in order to bait and stuff the off-tackle pitch or an occasional swing to a receiver.

On offense, they Panthers will be in a two-by-two or three-by-one spread scheme on a majority of their plays. Their quarterback's status is still questionable, but if he is indeed healthy enough to play, the Salisbury ground game becomes slightly more potent.

Marceline coach Greg Hough will accept nothing short of his team playing up to its potential, rather than down to its opponent's.

"We've been working on things to improve us, and the past two weeks we've been balanced with run-pass option stuff. Defensively, we've got to stop the big play which we've had problems with at times.

"At some points, I think our kids play to our potential. I've got to do a better job of keeping them motivated and getting the best out of them. It's added aspects to our game, mixing in the throw and making a conscious effort to even us out offensively. Doing that has opened my eyes to a side of the game in which we can be successful."