Brookfield's homecoming was spoiled by the Macon Tigers on Friday night, as the Bulldogs now plummet to 2-5 on the season. Macon advances to 4-3, and has won consecutive games for the first time this season.

The 32-21 outcome came largely on the legs of Macon running back Kevin Edwards. The junior finished Friday's game with a boggling 363 yards on 33 carries and a pair of scores. He broke off a long rush at the end of the first half to take a 14-7 lead returning to the locker room. Brookfield never got closer than seven points after the halftime break.

Macon by-and-large stifled Brookfield's rushing attack, holding the Bulldogs to 90 yards on 31 attempts.

"We were trying to do different things with motions and formations to try to give us an advantage," Macon coach Pete Claas said, "but the bottom line is that our offensive line played well and opened up some holes. Edwards will take advantage of any little crease."

The Bulldogs' final touchdown of the game came on a one-play drive immediately following a methodical Macon series when quarterback Castor Dodd found Brandon Collins down the sideline for a 50-plus yard touchdown bomb. The Bulldogs' regular Dodd/Khalil Walker combo was unable to truly find it's footing on the evening, but Tim Izard managed a fair game out of the Bulldog backfield, finishing with 69 yards on 15 carries. Walker's usage was limited due to his being dinged up coming into Friday's game.

Brookfield coach Scott Stevens said that his team did a poor job of mitigating the rushing threat that Edwards and the Tigers brought to Burlington Field.

"I don't think we handled either of them well at all," Stevens said. "That's not where we need to be at this point in the season. Right now, we're not a very good tackling defense.

"We did some things well. They did everything they could to stop our run, but we showed that we had the ability to throw the ball well. If we're able to do that in the future, we'll have possibilities on offense."

The Bulldogs travel to face 6-1 Palmyra on Friday for their penultimate game of the season.