The fruit of the Marceline football team's labors have earned it the top seed in the district, and the right to face winless Salisbury at home on Friday night.

In a week seven home game, the Tigers defeated the Panthers 59-6.

The undefeated Tigers are focused on themselves and their own personal improvement, but they are aware that at this point in the season, no team can be taken lightly.

"The first time we played them, we really didn't play very well," Marceline coach Greg Hough said. "We scored points and all that, but watching film, I had a little stronger critique on our play. Our kids are pretty open-minded to the level that we played, so it's been a week we've had to focus on making some improvements. When we played Salisbury the first time, they came out in a different defensive look than we expected, and for the most part they had some success. If I were them, I'd do the same thing this time."

Late in the first half of that week seven game, Salisbury drove downfield and completed a long touchdown pass, making the Panthers one of just three opponents to score a touchdown versus the Tigers this season.

Hough said that that moment gave his team and his coaching staff a reality check.

"That was a big-time eye opener for us," Hough said. "It proved that we can't get complacent, and that we have to make sure we're assignment/alignment sound. We've learned from it, and our kids are motivated.

"For a winless team, it surprises me that they've lost to some of the teams they've lost to. Our kids have a respect for them, and we need to come out and get after it early and often."