The Brookfield girls' basketball team ran the Putnam County Midgets out of the gym in Brookfield on Tuesday night. With the 60-29 victory, and with running-clock in effect for nearly all of the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs jumped out to a quick 1-0 start to the season.

"Still, I thought maybe offensively we would be a little better seeing everything," Brookfield coach Tony Fairchild offered after the victory. "Defensively, I thought there were moments when we were really good, and we did a good job denying some passes. We've got to recognize who their best players are a little better."

In the first quarter, the Midgets hung with the 'Dogs, and Brookfield led by 10 at the first horn, entering the second quarter with a 20-10 lead. Over the course of the second quarter, the Bulldogs extended their lead to 34-14, forcing turnovers and reeling in offense rebounds in order to wrangle such a dominant lead by the time the halftime break rolled around.

Brookfield went on another major run in the third quarter, outscoring its opponent 16-5 through the duration of the penultimate eight-minute period.

Putnam County coach Craig DeVore said that his statistician calculated his team had 30 turnovers on Monday night -- nearly one per minute.

"We didn't execute our offense whatsoever," DeVore said. "You can't win ballgames that way. Defensively, they were in our passing lanes and we should have been back-cutting on some of those cuts. Every pass we made, they jumped the passing lane, stole the ball, and ran down and scored in transitions. We're young, don't get me wrong, but we played a lot better in that fourth quarter."

The Bulldogs' Cassi Conard led all scorers with 18 points on Monday night, 10 of which came in the first quarter. Kaylie Stufflebean finished with 13 points, and knocked down a triplet of three pointers. Rylee Sensenich finished with 10, and Sydney Wilbeck and Kaley Smith contributed six apiece.

Callie DeVore led Putnam with 16 points on the evening. The senior guard was her team's only scorer with more than five points.

"Overall, for a first game and trying to do new stuff we did alright, and we'll get there," Fairchild said. "We'll probably have to come up with another press-breaker, and I know we have some girls who will be able to do that. Conard is smooth with the basketball, and Wilbeck puts in a lot of energy. I thought we came out with that energy, and I thought we finished with some energy.

"We have a couple of girls who anticipate really well. We've got some work to do, there are some fundamentals we don't do a great job of yet."

The Bulldogs play again Monday when they host Harrisburg before traveling to Carrollton on Tuesday.