I must start watching NASCAR more!  Apparently they have decided to turn NASCAR races into demolition derbies which is great!  That’s just what the sport needs.  Anyway, Jeff Gordon intentionally crashed Clint Bowyer which lead to both drivers teams having a batlle royal in the pit area that had to be broken up by track security and local police.  When Jeff Gordon was asked why he intentionally crashed Clint Bowyer Gordon responded by saying that he couldn’t take it any more and it was time to take action.  Apparently Bowyer had come in contact with Gordon’s car a few times in past races.  I guess it’s a good thing NASCAR drivers don’t carry guns in their vehicles.  In order for Gordon to crash Bowyer he had to slow down on the track and wait for Bowyer to catch up which is even more remarkable because it was pretty clear what Gordon was doing.  Wow, I thought football was a dangerous game. 

If that wasn’t enough drama for one race Jimmie Johnson apparently lost his chance at winning another Sprint Cup title when one of his tires exploded near the end of the race causing him to not be able to finish.  There is only one race to go this season and if NASCAR has any sense at all Jeff Gordon will not be driving in it. 

In other strangeness from Sunday the St. Louis Rams and San Fran Sisco 49ers played four quarter of football, and one 15 minute overtime period and then quit and went home with the score tied at 24.  Why doesn’t the NFL handle ovetime like college football does?  I can’t remember the last time I have seen a NFL game end in a tie.  The Rams played very well I thought against one of the top teams in the NFL and have nothing to show for it.  Come on NFL you can do better than that. 

Speaking of overtime, the Missouri Tigers defeated the Tenessee Volunteers on Saturday in four overtimes in a game that it looked like Missouri wasn’t going to win at the end of the first half.  College Football knows how to do overtime.  Missouri now has two SEC wins and unfortunately will most likely have two SEC wins when the season ends because their chances of beating Texas AndM on November 24 are not very good.  Missouri must win next week at home against Syracuse if they want to be bowl eligible. 

The BCS computer was on the verge of tears after both Alabama and Oregon State lost on Saturday because it has no clue what to do if there are no undefeated teams.  Just because I love total chaos I hope Kansas State and Notre Dame lose at some point before the season in a couple of weeks so that there is a total mess thus reinforcing why there should have been a playoff in college football a long time ago. 

The Truman State Bulldog football team ended its tenure in the MIAA on Saturday with a tough loss against a very good Lindenwood team.  I had never seen Lindenwood play before and although they didn’t play their best game of the sason by any stretch of the imagination they showed me an outsanding defense and a potent offense and will definitely be a team to reckon with in the MIAA.  Congratulations to the 26 seniors who played their final football game as Bulldogs on Saturday and thank you for making the commitment to Truman. 

The college basketball season also kicked off over the weekend with the Truman women winning and the Truman men losing a tough game to a surprisingly good William Peen team.  The Truman State volleyball team wrapped up their regular season with two wins on the road and now prepare for post season action. 

The Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team opened their season with a surprisingly close victory over a very scrappy SIU Edwardsville team.  Missouri still has some improving to do but should have a good season and hopefully will have all the pieces to the puzzle put together by the start of SEC conference action in January. 

Wow, what a busy weekend!  I love this time of year.  We’ll be back on Wednesday with another blog in which we will endeavor to continue our string of three blogs a week.  We haven’t even gotten around to talking about Mark McGwire leaving the Cardinals coaching staff or Phil Jackson maybe coming back to the Lakers so there are certainly several things we can talk about and who know what other silliness the sports world will produce between now and then that I can make fun of.  Please don’t forget to check out the other blogs on this site written by people who assure me they aren’t being paid either and thanks as always for supporting this one.

Have a terrific Monday!