The Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team apparently had a very good game against Stanford on Thanksgiving Day and nobody saw it.  The game which was played in the Bahamas took place right at lunchtime on Thanksgiving Day and I’m not even sure if it was televised anywhere but certainly not where I was.  Missouri has another game on Friday before returning to cold and windy Columbia. 

Thanksgiving Day featured two very good NFL games and one televised scrimmage.  The Houston Texans hung on to beat the Detroit Lions in a game they very easily could have lost and perhaps should have.  That was followed by a game between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys which had all the makings of a blowout until Dallas decided to make it interesting but the Redskins were able to hang on for the win.  The final game of the evening featured a New England Patriots team that is piling up huge offensive numbers right now and looks to be getting better each week playing a New York Jets team that are kind of interesting to watch in a bad sort of way.  The Jets were supposed to be one of the Super Bowl favorites coming intot he season but instead have deteriorated into a totally dysfunctional unit who have no problem publicly criticizing each other in the New York press.  They looked like they might have gotten things worked out last week against the Rams but obviously that wasn’t the case. 

The Missouri Tigers football team plays their final game of the season on Saturday against Texas AandM in what has turned out to be a very disappointing season for the Tigers.  I can’t honestly say that I think the Tigers record would be any better in the Big 12 had they sayed there but the move to the SEC certainly hasn’t helped them.  Texas AandM on the other hand has embraced their move to the SEC and has become one of the top teams in the country. 

If Notre Dame wins their football game on Saturday it will set in motion six weeks’ worth of hype that will eventually lead to the national championchip game in early January.  This will not be good for ESPN viewers who will be subjected to the ESPN hype machine in full blown mode as the Fighting Irish are probably the most storied and recognized brand in college football.  The fact that Notre Dame will be playing another team will most likely be overlooked for the most part as all the focus will got to Notre Dame.  I’m sure I will have much more to say about this in the coming weeks as I grow more and more tired of the whole thing. 

The Kansas City Chiefs continue with their lost season on Sunday when the Denver Broncos come to town.  The is a chance the Chiefs could win but that chance is so small I doubt there is a way to measure soemthign that small. 

The St. Louis Rams travel to Arizona on Friday to take on the Cardinals in a game that is very winnable if they want to win it.  Both the Rams and Cardinals are better than they have played this year so it could be an interesting game. 

We will be back on Monday with a look back at this weekend’s sports action and whatever else we can come up with.  Thanks as always for supporting all the blogs on this site.

Have a great weekend!