Resolved for 2013 - don't diet.

  I never make New Year's resolutions that I know I won't keep for longer than 2 weeks. For instance, resolving to lose weight doesn't work for me. Once all the leftover Holiday baking is eaten, or thrown out  because it's stale (it never gets stale in my house), I might try to eat healthier, follow the rules of more whole grains, lots of veggies and fruit, less carbs, more lean protein, 8 glasses of water per day and so on, but if I don't push myself away from the table still longing for more, the pounds remain where they were - distributed around my middle, and elsewhere.

So, instead of dieting, I resolve to be happy with myself. If that means eating a cookie or two once in awhile so be it. I will not force myself to feel guilty if I make popcorn occasionally - I simply won't drown it in butter and salt. When I bake, my first priority will be dog and cat treats for our own menagerie and the Uffda critters. Max and Lacey, the resident collies adore my little gingerbread doggy cookies. And so incidently, does Bruce, the resident husband. Even the kitties enjoy gnawing the treats. 

So as 2013 approaches, I resolve to enjoy life, take a nap with the kitties whenever I can and carry on caring for the critters. I wish the same for all of you.