A brief update of my respite in LA with greetings to reaaders


Still in the LA area and having a great time.  This is my recharge experience.  I always learn so much and reunite with friends I have had for many years as well as meeting new and interesting people I may or may not ever see again.

Last night I played piano to accompany an engineer/clarinetist.  He had always wanted to play the clarinet for his livelihood, biut his father refused and forced him to become an engineer.  In his 60s, he lost his wife, but discovered his old friend, the clarinet.  He now plays with the enthusiasm of a child at  age 72.  At the keyboard I was accomplishing little more than poor sight-reading, but he seemed pleased, as he was able to play to a living room full of people.

The cool weather in LA has made pleasant and clear days in the LA area.  Yesterday we went to Santa Monica Beach and Pier, where amusement is the prime goal.  We window shopped a row of high end retailers and had a great lunch of crepes with nutella and bananas.  It was also farmers market day in  Santa Monica.  The produce is plentiful and colorful.  Tents take over the streets where automobiles generally rule the day.  It’s a festive atmosphere.

I have more to my respite and will do my  best to keep in touch, but sitting at a computer is not my main focus during my period of nourishment.  Greetings to you all and continued wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year.

Sorry that I was unable to post pictures of the magnificent floats from the Rose Parade.  I'm technologically challenged.

Tonight I will see "Anything Goes" live on stage in downtown Los Angeles.