Lisa Hofstetter, FBLA sponsor at Brookfield High School, took a moment to talk about her new position on the National FBLA Board.

1. What was the process of getting on the Board?
There was an opening for the North Central Region, and I was contacted by the State Advisor to see if I had any interest. An application was filled out, my resume was sent, and the current board members voted on my acceptance.
2. What are your duties on the Board?
Basically, we are in charge of policy, guidelines and governance for FBLA. Our duty is not to come up with new events. It is more about moving FBLA forward and in the right direction. I am looking forward to this three-year term.
3. What are some of your goals for the term?
I have a lot to learn. Not only does this Board govern FBLA, but it also governs Phi Beta Lambda at the middle school FBLA and the professional FBLA levels. This is a pretty big responsibility to guide business education for that many groups. I want to keep FBLA moving forward.
4. Why should someone join FBLA?
It opens a world of opportunities to kids. It allows them to grow both personally and professionally. It gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills through competitive events. They can meet people from across the nation through leadership conferences. FBLA allows them to be part of a local organization that is a part of a national organization at the same time. Besides, it's just plain fun.
5. When and why did you found FBLA at BHS?
Our charter was ratified in November of 1996. I have been a chapter advisor for 25 years and was a member in high school. I even held a district office while in school. My personal experience with the club as a student and advisor got me to start it. I felt it was something that I could bring to BHS and give students those opportunities for growth.
6. What are your best memories as an advisor?
Overall, I would say it is giving students a chance to do something they have never done before. Also, having a first and second place winner at nationals (Andrea Herrington and Andrew Crutcher) springs to mind.