I am deviating from my normal posting of RA to share in my family's pain. My oldest brother is only 50 years old. On Christmas morning, his family didn't get to celebrate opening gifts, he was rushed to the emergency room for a heart attack. In the process of reviewing his health the physicians found a spot on his lung.

Monday, January 28, 4 weeks later, we finally received the biopsy results. My brother has stage 4 lung cancer, small cell. It has already spread to other areas. Without cancer treatments they are predicting less than 12 weeks. If he takes treatments, namely chemotherapy, they are predicting 2 years at the most.

I am devastated, but no where near what his wife and two daughters and two granddaughters will be if he is taken from us.

Our family could not be known as a close family, but of all the members, I could count on this brother to be my closest relation, now there is a threat that I (we) could lose him. I am not sure just how to handle it other than sending numerous prayers to heaven and not crying when I speak to him. If he can be strong, I have to be as well.

In all of this, on my own homefront, I have to fight my stress levels in order to tamper down and ideas RA has to show it's ugly head when I am needed far more than ever before.

Please keep us in your prayers. life my brother to God for his healing hands to touch him. I know how hard this has hit me and I still can't imagine what this is doing to his immediate family and our mother.

I needed to vent this a bit. Thank you for listening.