Some men think they have right to tell woman, any and all women what to do and not do. This guy found out otherwise.

Planting time!  A joyous time for me.  Even though we have many varieties of iris, lilies, and roses, I like to fill pots with annuals and put them on the deck.  I was enjoying my stroll through the just delivered plants at a local green house, and loading up on a variety of fresh plants when I noticed an older man in coveralls following me.  I turned and looked at him, and he said, "You sure are spending a lot of money."

 I had never seen this man, so he did not know me or my circumstances.  I was instantly furious that he felt entitled to suggest what I purchased or spent!  

I was raised to think and do for myself, and his presumption hooked me.

I snarled, "I do not smoke, drink, or gamble.  I taught junior and senior high for 27 years!  I earned the right to buy flowers with MY own money."  

It seemed no woman had ever spoken to him in such a way.  Even though he was considerably larger than I, his jaw dropped and he back up!  Then he turned and went the other way.  

My imagination conjured up a meek, submissive woman in his kitchen.  My hunch is he bossed his wife around for 50+ years.  He likely felt he had the right to control women, even a woman he did not know.  I wonder if he is in the North Dakota legislature now, passing laws to restrict a woman's right to make her own decisons?