You don't have to be a highly paid consultant to understand more than Mitt and Ann do.

Mitt Romoney has come out of his den after licking his wounds since November.  He seems to blame his loss on "mis-speaking."  Hah, I thought he spoke his disdain of ordinary folks, the 47%, quite clearly.  Ann, blames the media for "our loss.  Hah, again!  Is it the fault of "the media" that she wore a silk-tee shirt priced at over $900 as she and Mitt were interviewed?  Many of us could be 100 tee shirts, or more, for $900.  And we do not drive "a couple of Cadillacs," nor have an elevator in our garages so we can stack our cars.

They STILL don 't get it.  They are icky.  They are snobs.  They hide their money, and avoid taxes.  

People who do actual work, like caring for the sick, waiting tables, paving streets, teaching kids, building homes and office buildings, working in factories, saving lives by being police and firemen, being on their feet all day as sales clerks, growing the food we eat, mining and processing the elements we us, protecting the wild life, researching the drugs we need,  and on and on---the REAL people, who do REAL work, pay REAL taxes, and who believe in "government of the people, by the people, and for the people"---these are the REAL people, who saw the Romoneys for the out of touch, elitest snobs they are.

It is no mystery---the 47% saw them clearly, and said, No Way.  You dont get it.  And they still don't.  I await my consultant's fee.