Get to know Brookfield City Council Candidate Lonnie Trentham.

1. Tell us a little about your background and why you chose to run for a seat on the Brookfield City Council. How long have you lived in Brookfield? If you weren’t born and raised here, what prompted you to come to Brookfield?
I have lived in Brookfield for 17 years. I am married to Marla Billingsley and have two daughters: Karissa, age 16, and Torie, age 8. I graduated from Meadville High School in 1984 and attended Kemper Military School. I am a member of Brookfield Eagles Lodge and Park Baptist Church. I am employed at Brookfield Tire, a family owned and operated local business which was started in 1962 by Marla’s parents, Jim and Peggy Billingsley. With my employer being a locally owned business, I value the importance of hard work and dedication to keeping business local and supporting our community.   
2. Please select an issue or challenge you believe the City of Brookfield needs to resolve. Why do you think this issue should take priority? Do you have a suggestion as to how to go about meeting this challenge? If so, what would your suggestion be?
I believe upgrading the infrastructure of the City of Brookfield is an important challenge. Our water supply and sewers are so very important to every resident and business and for our region’s development. With our City being over 150 years old, this is an area that will continue to need attention.
3. What are your suggestions for promoting economic development in Brookfield? Would you be willing to work with the Brookfield Area Growth Partnership (BAGP) in achieving the initiatives that organization has given priority to? Occasionally, suggestions for economic development come from outside the ranks of the BAGP membership. How would you respond to those suggestions?
I believe any City Council member must be willing to work with the Brookfield Area Growth Partnership (BAGP) and the local Chamber of Commerce in achieving goals those organizations have prioritized. And I believe all suggestions from outside the ranks of BAGP or Chamber membership should be discussed and consideration given. We must work together as a team. After all, we are all striving to make Brookfield a better place in which to live and work. We must be positive and provide encouragement to our youth to be entrepreneurs and to “come back” to our community.
4. Name one thing you believe the City of Brookfield could do to make Brookfield a better place to live and work.
Encourage all business owners and property owners to clean and maintain their properties. Continue demolition of old properties which are “eyesores” to the community.    
5. What, in your opinion, is the value of our public spaces, and what can the Brookfield community do to increase their value? How can you assist?
I personally feel that the public areas of the City, such as the City Park, Twin Parks, Farview Park, the City Lake, Ball Parks, and the Swimming Pool are important areas. I believe they are well maintained, with the exception of the City Swimming Pool. I would like to see a different facility for the City Swimming Pool.