Colt showing off the "blank spot" in his mouth with his dog Brody.

Many responsibilities befall parents; the most important, maintaining contact with and credibility for the League of Nighttime Visitors. Now don’t get your knickers all in a twist. I’m talking about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

As far as I’m concerned Santa and that Rabbit have it easy. They’re only on duty for home visits one night a year. But the Tooth Fairy is always on call. Even OB doctors get someone to cover them, but not the Molar Man. Yes, ever since Dwain Johnson made that movie, I KNOW the Tooth Fairy is a man!

Having a young son 14 and 15 years after our oldest children has brought this League back into our home.

Like I said, the Tooth Fairy never gets a break and struggles in our home. A line of communication between the “tooth loser” and the Fairy would also help. Colt lost a tooth about three days BEFORE I, (clearing my throat) I mean the Tooth Fairy was notified to schedule a “nighttime invasion”. Colt was satisfied with my explanation that the Easter Bunny forgot to spread the word that we were back home after travelling out of town for Easter weekend.

Last night, the sun goes down. Strategic plans were in place. The tooth was in position for pick up. And the little boy was tucked in and almost asleep. After being blackmailed by this little boy, the Tooth Fairy gave strict instructions regarding the tooth/money exchange. Several months ago, Colt hid a tooth for three nights, collected money and then showed me the tooth was in fact still under his pillow. That night, the Fairy left this note…. “Put your tooth on your headboard NOT under your pillow or no money will be left. TF”

Colt heeded the instructions and the tooth was placed in a special cup ready for TF’s visit. I have to admit, TF was feeling confident about the night. At 3 a.m. TF was in a panic because "he" forgot to visit Colt….but there was still time. So, with ninja stealth ability, the Fairy gathered up change in the dark and tiptoed into the little boy’s bedroom. Mission accomplished. Exchange made.

Bright and early this morning, I was proud of the mission’s success. I happily asked Colt if his tooth had been picked up and got a “YES”. I then asked “What did he leave you?” Colt said with a giggle “Three quarters and a beer token”.

Epic fail! I’m not sure what disturbed me more. The fact that the Fairy left a beer token or the fact that Colt knew what it was. I bought the token for a dollar.

With this mishap in the books, I hereby recommend the creation of “select days” for Tooth Fairy visits. Let’s just call it “Tooth-loss Tuesday” and it happens on the first Tuesday of each month. MAYBE this household’s representative of the Fairy Fleet could handle that…or maybe not.

I am happy to report that OBVIOUSLY this Tooth Fairy didn’t drink the beer. Hence TF’s  possession of the token. I wear many hats as a Mom. Just never thought it’d be the Dunce Hat on so many occasions.

Sustain good communication with your League of Nighttime Visitors so this doesn’t happen to you....and throw away all unused beer tokens!

Until next time, find YOUR Wisdom.... Accidentally.