Small Town Claim To Fame - new Salem, North Dakota - The World's Largest Holstein Cow

The Small Town:           Salem. North Dakota              Population 946 

The Claim To Fame:     Salem Sue - The World's Largest Holstein Cow

I'm pretty sure that Johnny Cash had a song about a cow named Sue. I could be wrong, but I rarely am. Those that have seen Sue know that she is well worth singing about. Of all of the oversized roadside attractions in North Dakota, she is the largest.  Measuring in at a whopping 38 feet tall and 50 feet long, she is larger than any of the other large turtles or fish or buffalos that the state has to offer. She is visible for miles around and, when standing at her hooves, one gets a wonderful view of the surrounding North Dakota countryside.

Her promoters claim that she is the world’s largest Holstein cow.  Fake cow anyway. I've done a little research and believe they might be missing out on a golden opportunity to claim that she is simply the world’s largest cow of any breed.  I've Googled the heck out of it and, for the life of me, I can't find a larger cow of any sort on the planet earth.  And we all know that if you can't find it Googling it, it doesn't exist.  

Here’s a nice video of Sue.

Sue is, as I said, a fake cow.  I starting wondering how big the world’s largest real cow is.  I know this blog entry is about Sue and I don’t mean to steal her thunder, but my mind gets wandering and, if I want to talk about real cows, I can.  It’s my blog.  You’re free to stop reading at any time.

The world’s TALLEST real cow is Chili, a black and white Friesian bullock that weighs well over a ton and stands 6 feet 6 inches tall. Chili ---à

The world’s LARGEST or heaviest cow was a Chianina bull from Italy named Donetto that weighed in at an amazing 3840 pounds.