Brookfield and Marceline City Councils are slated to open candidate filing for open positions on Tuesday, December 12. Filing for candidacy remains open until January 16, 2018 in both cities. One position is available in Brookfield and two positions are available in Marceline.

Interested candidates must file for candidacy in-person at either city hall during normal business hours. Candidates must file an affidavit with the Department of Revenue regarding payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes, real property taxes on place of residence, or, if the person is currently or formerly a corporate officer of any fee office that owes tax to the state. Along with this affidavit, candidates must file several other documents including a declaration of candidacy. Potential candidates are also required to be a resident of their respective community for at least one year

City council positions present the opportunity for dedicated community members to have an impact locally. The councils meet once a month to discuss policies, ordinances, budgets and various aspects of city operation. In both cities, at the beginning of each year, council members also elect a mayor and mayor pro tem from among themselves.

The councils are headed by their respective city managers: Dana Tarpening (Brookfield) and Richard Hoon (Marceline). City managers provide guidance, researching and act transparently towards the council.

City council positions are volunteer and not paid. The election of new council members is included during the annual general election on April 3, 2018. Term limits of these positions are three years.