First and second graders at Brookfield Elementary School sang, rejoiced, and kazooed their way through their annual first and second grade winter concert on Tuesday, December 12.

The schoolyard sopranos have been practicing since October for the occasion. With a packed house, the auditorium was filled with laughs, cheers, and generous applause.

To begin the show, Director Laquetta Ewigman led the fourth-grade group “Kids in Motion” in singing an introductory song titled “Once Upon a Christmas”.

Shortly after, the first-grade class performed a six-song set titled “Crazy Christmas”. Song choices ranged from “Holiday Lights,” to “Santa, Bring Me Snow,” to “The Reindeer Rock”. The children even included instruments in their performance as they briefly picked up kazoos to hum to along with “Ready, Set, Christmas”.

“I’ve been preparing all my life,” said first grader Mason Young.

Judging from the audience’s captivation in the performance, it’s completely possible.

Following a short intermission, Ewigman directed the second-grade class in their performance titled “Flakes”. Songs such as “One in a Million,” “Cold Snap” and “Nothing Special” were heard throughout the auditorium.

“I’m always extremely proud of our students and their work, and it’s great to see our community provide so much support,” said Ewigman.

“I’m ready for Christmas, I’m ready for Christmas,” the children sang. We at the Linn County Leader have to agree.