A batch of gingerbread men have escaped the Brookfield Elementary School and remain at large. As a public reminder, if found, please do not eat the crunchy miniature men. 

The cookies were last seen at approximately 9:30 a.m. Monday, December 11, within the cafeteria kitchen of Brookfield Elementary. Each gingerbread man stands at three inches tall, and appears a delectably tannish-brown color. 

First grade students of the elementary school claim that the men may have been afraid of loud noises, extremely hot temperatures and of being devoured. If found, approach with extreme delicacy as to not frighten or scare them away and deliver back to Brookfield Elementary immediately. 

For the gingerbread men on the run, the first-grade class has one message for you to hear: “Please come back, we promise not to eat you.”