Residents of Marceline can expect an exciting future as the city progresses forward with their strategic master city plan.

Downtown Marceline and the city's Chamber of Commerce have been working in coordination with Missouri Main Street Connection Incorporated for many months to revitalize the Main Street area and general quality of life in Marceline.

The coordination involves entities that work on a national, state, and local level. The overall goal of the plan includes strategic branding, visioning, and improvement on quality of life for residents. Architectural improvements, building and recreational renovation and increased tourism are just some of the items involved in the grand plan.

As the strategy has moved forward, all entities involved have been listening to the community and their wants and needs.

“The plan is progressing well, with the help of a lot of organizations and a lot of input from the residents,” City Manager Richard Hoon said. “Once we get this finalized, then we can get to work and take Marceline where it needs to go.”

Early next year a final meeting will take place to solidify the direction Marceline is headed to. Until then, most details of the plan aren't finalized. However, residents should be able to quickly note changes within the community.

“Residents should see, pretty quickly, starting next year, changes -- albeit minor, various changes downtown and in the community,” Hoon stated.

The strategic master plan introduces changes almost immediately. But, the plan focuses on the long term. Many larger goals are expected to take place slowly, some within the next 10 to 15 years.

While changes are yet to be finalized, the future of Marceline does indeed look bright.