Father McCartan School children observed a time of sacrifice and giving while spreading joy and kindness at the same time this holiday season. The catholic school children worked with their parents and family, doing house chores, busy work and other basic errands to raise a total of $1,300 for families in need.

The school typically hosts a fundraiser during the holiday season. This year, after interest from the children, they've partnered with Heifer International to provide livestock to families in need around the world. This is the first year they've partnered with the organization.

The children have worked for the last two weeks to raise a total of $650.

After the money was raised, the school hosted an election to decide the livestock they would provide with the funds. Teachers and children decided to donate one heifer, one flock of geese, chickens and ducks, one nest of rabbits and one beehive. An anonymous donor felt the holiday joy and offered to double all the proceeds raised by the children, effectively doubling the animals provided as well. It should be noted that the firstborn of each animal donated will be donated as well, continuing the cycle of giving.

"We at the Father McCartan School really try to be the light of Christ in the community," said principal Casey Dillon. "It's a good experience for the kids to learn about giving in sacrifice."

As the community lights up their hearts during the holiday, it's safe to say that the hearts of those in needs will light up as well with the generous offering.