The Marceline R-V school district plans to bring numerous quality upgrades to the school system via a no tax increase bond issue worth $2,100,000. The bond issue will be on the voting ballot come April 3, 2018.


The no tax increase bond issue comes from a previously refinanced bond. While there is no increase in taxes, debt payment would be extended. Currently, payment of debt runs to 2029. With the new bond issue, tax payers would continue the debt into 2034.


A review of items to be issued with the bond were presented at the last Marceline R-V school board meeting on Monday, December 18. Some items include a classroom and library renovation to Walt Disney Elementary, playground upgrades to the Early Learning Center, a roofing project and classroom renovations to the high school and district-wide technology upgrades. The technology upgrades include computer materials such as Chromebooks and new smart boards for classrooms.


“The overall goal is try to stay ahead of the game and keep the facility upgraded for a positive working environment for the kids,” Marceline R-V Superintendent Gabe Edgar said.


Bids have not been acquired yet, as the vote will not be held until April. The estimated cost would become solidified after receiving bid quotes. Currently, the total estimated cost for projects is $1,983,225.