Salisbury designated Salisbury Industrial Park as a Chariton Valley Certified Fiber Optic Park in honor of the city’s milestone, in regards to communication.


“Earning this designation is an important milestone in improving business opportunity in the community,” Board President of the Chariton County Community Economic Development Council Stephany Clark said. “The investment in fiber optic communications by Chariton Valley allows local businesses to compete globally when it comes to communications ability.”


Salisbury Industrial Park and the city of Salisbury provide significant resources in supporting business.


“We are at the center of Missouri’s energy resources,” Salisbury Superintendent Tom Burkhart said.” With our ability to generate a backup electric supply, if need be, and the intersection of several electric utilities and natural gas pipelines. We have the utility infrastructure to support business.”

Chariton Valley made a major investment in upgrading their telecommunication systems. The latest addition features fiber optic services. The company began providing traditional phone services to rural areas in central Missouri almost seven decades ago. Since then, they have continued to invest in providing customers with the latest technology.


“The commitment to providing top quality services in Salisbury and the surrounding areas has made Chariton Valley a long-term value partner,” Salisbury Mayor Steve Kacvinksy said. “This is not only a great advantage for our local businesses but for our entire community.”