Proposition B is a quarter-cent sales tax being voted on April 3 in the Linn County General Municipal Election, but it is not a new tax.

The sales tax helps fund many Brookfield projects and according to Brookfield City Manager Dana Tarpening, it’s vital for the city.

Proposition B has paid for the Brookfield Fire station, city fire truck, demolition projects, public works equipment and many other projects since the sales tax was first passed in 1998. The proposed tax would fulfill ongoing projects like demolition, as well as begin work on new projects. New projects include upgrades to the Lavon Burris Community Center and sidewalk, radios and pagers for the Brookfield Fire department and mowing equipment for the building and grounds department.

According to Tarpening, this tax ensures Brookfield can keep funding such projects.

“Honestly, it is only with the funds of the quarter-cent sales tax that we will be able to continue with these projects” Tarpening said.

Proposition B has a sunset clause, which means that it will not stay in effect indefinitely. Legally the tax must be voted on every four years. The tax has passed every time since 1998 and has not increased.

Tarpening believes the tax will stay the same in the future.

“For our purposes, in Brookfield, a quarter-cent is adequate to meet our needs in conjunction with our general operating expenditures” Tarpening said.

This tax proposition is nothing new to Brookfield.

“It’s something they are already paying for and I want to stress this not anything new,” Tarpening said.