The Marceline R-V School District has a $2.1 million bond on the ballot for the Linn County General Municipal Election April 3.

The bond will help pay for many large projects Marceline School District is facing, without adding any tax to the citizens of Marceline.

Since Dr. Gabe Edgar has been with the Marceline School District he has had two previous bond issues pass. The previous bond issues have been used to pay for new technologies at the school; computers, security system, new agriculture building, updating classrooms and other renovations for the schools. Edgar hopes this newest bond issue, which is a no-tax-increase for the citizens of Marceline, will also pass.

The bond issue, Proposition KIDS, will be allotted for a new roof for the high school, new computers, updating the high school locker rooms, new facility parking lot, construct a new playground for the Early Learning Center and build a STEM lab for the high school. The bond will cover all of these projects, as well as fund any other projects that should arise.

According to Edgar, the bond would make sure money is being spent wisely.

“It allows us to take care of a lot of preventative maintenance. With the bond issue we can continue to focus our incidental fund or day-to-day operations on our teachers and kids,” Edgar said.

The vote needed to pass the bond issue is a four-sevenths vote, or about 57 percent, slightly more than a simple majority. The projects could be completed without the bond, although the money would have to come from the reserve fund, or from teachers’ salaries. In addition, the bond would make sure these projects are completed soon as opposed to being pushed off for the future.

According to Edgar, the most important thing for voters to know is how much they matter to the Marceline School District.

“In the end, I want to thank the voters for the past support they have given us,” Edgar said. “We have been able to take a proactive approach to providing for our kids.”