The Linn County General Municipal Elections are Tuesday, April 3.

This election preview will focus on the candidates running for Bucklin School Board.

Larry Mills

What do you want the people to know about why you’re running for Bucklin School Board?

I’m interested in what’s going on with the kids in school now. I’m interested in their welfare.

What is the biggest impact you hope to have as a member of the Bucklin School Board?

As a school board member I would love to see all of the kids graduate.

What do you think sets you apart from the other candidates?

The thing that sets me most apart is taking an interest in the kids.

What will be the biggest challenge of being a Bucklin school board member?

The biggest challenge will getting people interested in what happens with the kids and the school. I think it’s important to have someone else’ opinion.

What will your first priority as a Bucklin School Board member?

I want to do what’s best for the kids and the city, but it will be difficult. It’s hard to please both sides, you can’t please everybody.

As an incumbent what has been your greatest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment has been to weigh both sides of opinion. You have to think somethings may be good for the school, others may not. It’s very important to weigh both sides of any issue.

Efforts were made by the Linn County Leader to reach out to all candidates of this race.