The Marceline Transportation Sales Tax is up for renewal on the Linn County General Municipal election April 3.

The Transportation Sales Tax is a half-cent tax which the city uses to repair roadways, curbs, gutters, drainage systems and potholes.

The Transportation Sales Tax has been in effect in Marceline since 1998. The tax has remained at the same level since then. If approved during the April 3 Linn County General Municipal Election the tax would remain in effect until 2023.

According to Marceline City Clerk Lindsay Krumpelman, the tax was put in place to save money for the city.

“This tax is important because it takes the burden off of the (Marceline) general fund,” Krumpelman said.

The last major project to utilize the Transportation Sales Tax began last year to repair asphalt, curbs and gutters in front of the Marceline Early Learning Center.

If the Transportation Sales Tax were to fail, the full price of any repairs would fall solely on the citizens of Marceline and the Marceline City general fund. As it stands, all people who do business in Marceline currently pay the sales tax. Since the sales tax has been in place, Marceline has been able to spend more than $1.6 million on roadway repairs and improve 261 city blocks across the city.

According to Krumpelman, the most important thing for voters to know is how much this tax affects the citizens.

“This sales tax keeps our streets up to good quality,” Krumpelman said. “This tax helps us to provide that level of infrastructure they can use, and it’s not crumbling underneath them.”