Frances Jenkins, a veteran Bucklin Alderman, took one seat and first-time Alderman Marc Finney took the other seat in Tuesday’s Municipal Election.

In a 60-percent voter turnout for the City of Bucklin, the race was very close. One seat was decided by a single vote.

Newcomer Finney took the highest vote total with 77 of 204 ballots cast. Jenkins edged out Riley Lucas by just one vote. Having 50 and 49 votes respectively, it was the one vote which really mattered Tuesday night. Larry Mills had 27 votes and there was one write-in.

For Jenkins, she is happy to work with a more diverse group of aldermen.

“We have four (aldermen) from four different generations and I think that makes a great council,” Jenkins said.

During the Linn County General Municipal Election preview, Jenkins stated she has several projects already in mind. Jenkins stated she wants to work on the city lake to make it nicer for the citizens of Bucklin.

“I’d like to fix it up for the people, put a barbecue grill, picnic table, maybe a walking trail around the lake,” Jenkins said.

Finney is the youngest alderman at 25 years old. He has the same ambitions as Jenkins and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty working for the city.

“I want to try to get more people involved with the city,” Finney said. “I’d like to have more outdoor recreation. The city lake hasn’t been cleaned up in so long and I’d like to clean it up for the people that want to use it.”