The Brookfield Inn is a local motel, which unexpectedly closed last week.

According to the owner Don Fuhrhop, the closure was over a licensing issue and the motel will reopen soon.

A city sales tax license issue forced the local business to close temporarily. The sales tax license was not current, but the issue is being taken care of, according to Fuhrhop. The current plan is to be up-and-running soon.

According to Fuhrhop, the only reason for the closure is the licensing issue.

“(The rumors about) drug busts and me being arrested have been totally blown out of proportion,” Fuhrhop said. “There was nothing like that.”

The last city sales tax license purchased by Fuhrhop was in 2016. All Brookfield businesses are required to renew their city sales tax licenses annually. The license is effective from January 1 to December 31.

The Brookfield Inn sign currently reads “closed for business.” A sign hangs on the front door of the lobby which also reads “temporarily closed.”

The Brookfield Inn is located at 715 W. Helm St.