Billy Stroud, a Linn County native, grew up in Brookfield and is now a member of the Marceline Police Department.

Stroud joined Marceline Police last month after returning from a National Guard deployment to Kuwait in 2017.

Stroud graduated from the Moberly Law Enforcement Academy December 2015 and joined the Linn County Sheriff's Office in March of the same year. According to Stroud, the experience there resonated with him.

“I got my feet wet and kind of defined me as a person,” Stroud said. “It’s something I really enjoyed.”

Being able to help people attracted Stroud to law enforcement. According to Stroud, it’s the most important part of the job.

“It’s not all about the fast driving,” Stroud said. “Interacting with everyone in the community and helping people in need is important to me. I can be the person to talk to when they don’t have anyone else.”

Stroud joined the National Guard in 2015 and served with the 548 Transportation Company for 10 months in Kuwait. There the company transported equipment for the U.S. Shortly after returning, Stroud heard about the officer opening with Marceline Police.

For Stroud, the transition back to Linn County is going well.

“I have a great support system,” Stroud said. “I have a lot of friends and family in Linn County. It’s nice to be home.”

Stroud joined the Marceline Police last month. It has been a learning experience since being away from law enforcement for nearly a year. According to Stroud, being the new guy on the force is not bad.

“(Marceline) has been welcoming and I look forward to serving for the rest of the year,” Stroud said.