Marceline City Council voted last week to repeal an ordinance which banned pit bulls in the city.

The council also voted on a gym membership reimbursement bill and discussed electric utility rates.

The April City Council meeting began with a vote on an ordinance to repeal the sections of a 2006 ordinance which prohibits pit bull dogs in Marceline. Sections 220.010 and 220.050 of the Marceline Code of Ordinances outline the ban. The sections state all pit bull dogs must be removed from city limits within 24 hours, then outlines a series of steps, which could result in court and a fine up to $200. The council decided unanimously to repeal the ordinance. The repeal was taken into effect immediately after the passage of the ordinance.

A discussion of the same ordinance brought many dog owners to the March council meeting. During the discussion the council questioned why the ban was still in place and listened to the dog owners who attended the meeting. City Council then decided to vote on the repeal of the ordinance during the April meeting.

Marceline entered a new electric deal with energy company Nextera, which runs from June 2020 to May 2023. Marceline electrical consultant Bob Harbour briefed the council in a discussion on electric utility rates. Harbour’s presentation gave an overview of the future rates as well as how discounted rates would affect the electric fund. Currently, the Marceline electric fund props up the city general fund.

Members of the council and citizens at the meeting agreed the current rates were too high. City Council decided to bring up the discussion again during their May meeting with specific rate changes.

City Council unanimously passed ordinances No. 18-04.016 and 18-04.017 for city employees’ gym reimbursement. The ordinance would allow city employees to receive $50 reimbursement for signing up with the Tiger Pit Fitness in Marceline. The ordinance is an effort between the city to incentivize being healthy. A new health insurance plan for city employees has a section on health and wellness and would potentially reduce premiums next year. The Tiger Pit has a $50 initiation fee, the reimbursement would cover this cost.