Recently the Ripley Park fountain has been non-functioning. A transformation to a large flower planter is a short-term solution for the fountain.

The Ripley Park fountain has been a part of Marceline since it was given to the city July 4, 1964.

The fountain was given to the city by American Legion Post Theodore Roosevelt No. 264 July 4, 1964. Walsworth Publishing renovated the fountain in 1991.

According to Marceline City Manager Richard Hoon, a replacement fountain would be difficult.

“Underneath the fountain, the pipings and pumps have corroded away,” Hoon said. “In order to repair any of that we would have to remove the fountain.”

The transformation for the fountain to become a large flower planter was discussed during the April Marceline City Council meeting. The city will be moving forward with this plan, which is the least expensive option.

According to Hoon, this solution is temporary.

“Until we can make a new city plan this will be a transition,” Hoon said.

The transformation of the fountain will begin once an electric box inside the fountain is moved. The electric box supplied power to the lighting in the fountain. The box will be moved on top of the fountain, so it is accessible once the dirt is placed in the fountain. The fountain currently does not have lighting, but may be a possibility in the future. Hoon hopes the transformation of the Ripley Park fountain will be done before Marceline Alumni Weekend, which is May 12 and 13. A more permanent solution for the fountain may come next year.

For Hoon, this has been a hard decision.

“I don’t want to ruin people’s memories of the fountain,” Hoon said. “I don’t want to waste taxpayer money on something, which may not work. This is an attempt to at least make it look nice.”