Even on the darkest of days there can sometimes be that lone bright spot, and for the Missouri Military Academy varsity boys tennis team on Thursday at Hannibal that singular ray of sunshine in what was otherwise an exercise in the absence of illumination was Griffin Henry at No. 1 Singles.

What Henry accomplished wasn't actually all that amazing considering he lost 11-9, but since many of the eight other flights that day lost to the Pirates without even scoring a point as the Fighting Colonels were defeated on the road 9-0, it was by far his teams best performance of the day.

"The cadets did their best against a quality opponent from Hannibal. In singles and doubles, a couple of matches were close and could have gone either way," said coach Michael Pemberton. "We will continue to practice and prepare for our next opponent."


Singles Results:

1. Griffin Henry lost 9 - 11

2. Christian Foster lost 1 - 10

3. Dongyang Chen lost 0 - 10

4. Sean Hughes lost 0 - 10

5. Cole Miracle lost 0 - 10

6. Blair Outlan lost 1 - 10


Doubles Results:

1. Henry/Foster lost 5 - 10

2. Chen/Hughes lost 0 - 10

3. Miracle/Outlan lost 0 - 10


The Missouri Military Academy, 0-8 overall, next plays in Columbia against Father Tolton on April 24.