Marceline local Myrtle Crippin celebrated her 105th birthday with many friends and family this past Friday.

The party featured many surprises, guests and many more birthday cards.

Crippin has lived in Linn County her whole life. She was an elementary school teacher for Marceline School District, Bucklin School District and Brookfield School District. After retiring, Crippin stayed busy, becoming one of the first female members of the Marceline golf club and playing much until stopping after her 98th birthday.

Before the party started, her family had already received more than 100 birthday cards.

According to Roberta Husky, Bristol Manor administrator, Crippin stays very active.

“She enjoys watching TV, surfing the web, playing bingo, sewing, coloring and playing piano,” said Husky.

For Crippin, she believes the secret to longevity is staying busy.

“My secret is to practice mental and physical abilities,” said Crippin. “If you keep both of those up, you’ll live a long life.”

The birthday party started with students from Father McCartan Memorial School singing to Crippin. The group sang one of her favorite songs, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” followed by “Happy Birthday.” Afterward they took time talking to Crippin, wishing her a happy birthday.

Marceline City Manager Richard Hoon and Marceline Mayor Tyson Brammer came by to give a proclamation from the city to Crippin. The pair recounted Crippin’s life and officially recognized her birthday.

Missouri State Representative Tim Remole was in attendance to give Crippin a proclamation from the Missouri House of Representatives. Remole took time to take pictures with people in attendance.

For Remole, the experience was special.

“It’s not every day you get to meet someone turning 105 years old,” said Remole.