The Railroad Memorabilia and Model Train Show has been an annual event for six years at the Walsworth Community Center. The seventh annual celebration is this Saturday.

Train show chairman Brad Bryant wants families to reconnect with trains and get back to a simpler time.

“This is a family friendly event,” Bryant said. “It’s a way to bring families together without having to stir up any political hubbub.”

The Railroad Memorabilia and Model Train Show will feature more than 80 booths of train memorabilia, train history and model railroading. For many show-goers the model railroading holds a special place in time.

For Bryant, the interest in model railroading started early.

“I grew up model railroading, it’s magical,” Bryant said.

Model railroading began as a hobby around the 1950s with only a few trains being produced each year. Since then the production of engines and rail cars has ramped up tremendously, according to Deb Zucker of Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, Neb. Zucker began collecting trains when she met her husband, who has collected trains since he was a child.

According to Zucker, there’s something out there for everyone.

“The model railroad hobby has a lot of variety,” Zucker said. “There is literature, books, you can put together scenery and do construction. Train companies are producing trains with newer technology to try and get younger generations interested as well.”

For show-goer and train enthusiast Paul Moad, the experience has allowed him to meet people from many places.

“I’ve met people from Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois and southern Missouri,” Moad said. “You get to meet a lot of people, that’s what I like.”

Train show admission is free for the event. There will be a raffle for an antique Santa Fe commemorative Colt 45 pistol. All proceeds of the raffle are split between the Marceline band boosters, Marcelline food bank, the steam locomotive caboose project in Ripley Park and the Walsworth Community Center.

The event will feature a train safety demonstration by the BNSF Police, railroad history will be presented at the Walt Disney Museum, railroad art show at the NOMO art gallery, craft show, miniature train rides, and a bounce house available. The show starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. The Walsworth Community Center is located at 124 E. Ritchie St. in Marceline.

Bryant believes it is good way to have fun in Marceline.

“You can come look around, just have fun spending time with your family,” Bryant said.