Brookfield Mayor Lonnie Trentham signed a proclamation May 2 making May Mental Health month.

This is the second year Brookfield City has signed this proclamation. May of 2017 was the first year proclaimed as Mental Health Month.

Brookfield High School English teacher Angie Wallace, along with Brookfield City, came up with the proclamation last year to promote mental health and well-being. The proclamation states each business, school, government agency and citizen has a responsibility to promote mental health for all.

According to Wallace, she wants to address mental health head-on.

“We have a real problem here and it’s not getting any better,” Wallace said. “We can’t continue to sweep (mental health) under a rug and pretend like it will go away.”

For Trentham, the proclamation is a step in the right direction.

“With everything that has happened in Brookfield I think this is very important,” Trentham said.

Wallace created the Taylor Gilpin Wallace Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honor of her son who committed suicide in 2016. Wallace has spoken to many schools around Missouri to combat the stigma of mental health. She speaks to young people about the impact of suicide through her son’s story.

Wallace says she wants people to be be aware of mental health.

“The more people are educated in mental health and suicide prevention, the more people will talk about it,” Wallace said.

Wallace has planned a few mental health awareness events for May. The most recent event  was a yoga night held at Brookfield YMCA on Monday. Wallace is also planning on having speakers come to Brookfield to educate the community on mental wellness.